Final Fantasy XIII Cheats PS3

Try These Final Fantasy XIII Cheats PS3 On Your Great Journey

Final Fantasy XIII for PS3

Final Fantasy XIII is another phenomenal game from Square Enix. Released in North America on March 9, 2010, this game has received many positive responses and high scores from some gaming websites and critics, especially for the battle system and graphics. Final Fantasy XIII so far has won numerous awards for Best Graphics, Soundtrack of the Year, and Best Menus and Graphics. So it was no surprise if Final Fantasy XIII becoming the fastest-selling title in the history of the series, which as of May 2010, this great game shipped at least 5.5 million copies worldwide.

For those of you who don’t have it, what are you waiting for? Just grab one and you won’t waste your money. And for you, the PS3 owners, who have difficulty in playing it, don’t hesitate to use the Final Fantasy XIII cheats PS3 below, which hopefully can add to your fun when playing this awesome game.

How to Get an Easy CP
Use the following Final Fantasy XIII cheats PS3 if you want to farm for CP.

First, you have to find two Behemoth-like enemies at Gran Pulse that fighting each other. A preemptive attack will always happen once you encounter them. When battle against them use the Optima set up as follow: Attacker/Enhancer/Enhancer. Once you get Haste and Fire elemental offense, switch your set up to Attacker/Blaster/Blaster. To get your battle so much easier, kill the purple creature first. When you beat all those creatures just go back near the save point to have them respawn.

The Final Fantasy XIII cheats PS3 above will give you 6,600 CP in every two minutes or so. Just keep doing this before you move past this area.

Another Way to Get an Easy CP
Use the Final Fantasy XIII cheats PS3 below to get at least 6,000 CP and an item that sells for 6,000 Gil.

On Disc 3, you have to through Taejin Tower to go to Vanille’s village. At Taejin Tower you must do several things to get the Final Fantasy XIII cheats PS3 for easy CP work. First you must beat the Boss at the apex of Taejin Tower. Then, get the elevator down to level 4, and other elevator up to level 5. After you do that, you’ll see a mission statue in front of the elevator directly (Mission 24). Just select the statue and re-accept the mission. Be ready, because you’ll fight against some group of enemies that spawn in the same room. Kill them to get 6,000 CP and an item that sells for about 6,000 Gil. Once you complete it, you can always go back to the statue then re-accept the mission again.

You can use the Final Fantasy XIII cheats PS3 above as many times as you like.

Get Shrouds x8 Easily
If you want to get an easy Shroud just do the Final Fantasy XIII cheats PS3 below.

All you have to do is to get 5 stars after a battle. The more stars you have then the more you have chance to get a shroud. So, kill all your enemies with style, my friends.

How to Survive From Very Tough Battle
If you’re in a very tough battle and feel that you don’t have a chance to win, just use the Final Fantasy XIII cheats PS3 below.

What you have to do is to summon an Eidolon. It’s that simple. By summoning Eidolon your party will be revived and completely fully healed and this creature can stop enemies in their tracks. So, keep your pet well then.

How to Unlock Trophies
You can unlock some trophies by using Final Fantasy XIII cheats PS3 below.

Trophies Final Fantasy XIII Cheats PS3
Commando’s Seal (Bronze) Commando role’s mastered.
Ravager’s Seal (Bronze) Ravager role’s mastered.
Sentinel’s Seal (Bronze) Sentinel role’s mastered.
Saboteur’s Seal (Bronze) Saboteur role’s mastered.
Synergist’s Seal (Bronze) Synergist role’s mastered.
Medic’s Seal (Bronze) Medic role’s mastered.
Limit Breaker (Silver) With a single attack, dealt 100,000+ damages.
Adamant Will (Silver) Felled a heavyweight of the lowerworld wilds.
Master’s Seal (Silver) All characters fully developed.
Treasure Hunter (Gold) Held every accessory and weapon.
Loremaster (Gold) Discerned the full attributes of 100 enemies.

There are also some SECRET trophies you can unlock by using the following Final Fantasy XIII cheats PS3.

Trophies Final Fantasy XIII Cheats PS3
Instrument of Fate (Bronze) Took the first steps toward challenging an unjust fate.
Instrument of Dissent (Bronze) Survived the Purge to confront a greater peril.
Instrument of Tragedy (Bronze) Strode into danger’s den and paid the consequences.
Instrument of Flight (Bronze) Slipped through the net and lived to fight another day.
Instrument of Vengeance (Bronze) Resolved to be more than a victim of circumstance.
Instrument of Survival (Bronze) Evaded pursuers, though memories of the past still gave chase.
Instrument of Rebellion (Bronze) Made plans to infiltrate enemy-occupied territory.
Instrument of Shame (Bronze) Carried the burden of guilt to the end of the line.
Instrument of Wrath (Bronze) Took the fight to the enemy’s door.
Instrument of Truth (Bronze) Recognized the true threat to the world’s future.
Instrument of Hope (Bronze) Traveled to the world below, seeking a way to alter fate.
Pulsian Pioneer (Bronze) Took over 10,000 steps on the lowerworld surface.
Gysahl Wreath (Bronze) Discovered buried treasure with a little help from a chocobo.
Kelger’s Cup (Bronze) Completed all low-level Cie’th Stone missions.
Xezat’s Chalice (Bronze) Completed all mid-level Cie’th Stone missions.
Instrument of Faith (Silver) Defied destiny’s charge and embarked on a different path.
Exorcist (Silver) Triumphed over undying lowerworld souls in seven fierce battles.
Floraphobe (Silver) Toppled a green terror and cut an oversized succulent down to size.
Natural Selector (Silver) Passed Titan’s trials.
Dorgann’s Trophy (Silver) Completed all high-level Cie’th Stone missions.
Galuf’s Grail (Silver) Completed all Cie’th Stone missions.
Instrument of Change (Gold) Witnessed the dawn of a new crystal legend.
L’Cie Paragon (Gold) Earned a 5-star ranking for all Cie’th Stone missions.
Superstar (Gold) Earned a 5-star ranking in the battle to determine the world’s fate.
Ultimate Hero (Platinum) Acquired all trophies.

Special Character Themes

Use Final Fantasy XIII cheats PS3 below to unlock special character themes.

Special Themes Final Fantasy XIII Cheats PS3
Fang Theme Get “Treasure Hunter (Gold)” Trophy.
Hope Theme Get “Instrument of Change (Gold)” Trophy.
Lightning Theme Get “Superstar (Gold)” Trophy.
Sazh Theme Get “Lore Master (Gold)” Trophy.
Serah Theme Get “Ultimate Hero (Platinum)” Trophy.
Snow Theme Get “L’Cie Paragon (Gold)” Trophy.
Vanille Theme Get “Instrument of Faith (Silver)” Trophy.

Hopefully those Final Fantasy XIII cheats PS3 can work well you’ll love the game even more.

Happy gaming.

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