Final Fantasy VIII Cheats

Final Fantasy VIII Cheats You Should Know

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII is another great game on the PlayStation (PS1). Released in North America on September 9, 1999, this game became top-selling video game in the United States for more than 3 weeks. As of March 31, 2003, Final Fantasy VIII has sold at least 8.15 million copies worldwide. Within 13 weeks since its release, the game was listed as the fastest selling Final Fantasy title of all time with more than $ 50 million in sales until a multiplatform Final Fantasy XIII release.

Final Fantasy VIII received numerous positive reviews and high scores from critics and various gaming magazines both online and offline. The opening cut scene in Final Fantasy VIII was nominated as the best cinematic moment or top video game opening by several online sites. For those who have never played this game, you should try to play this awesome game that spans 4 CDs. Below I give you some Final Fantasy VIII cheats that will add so much fun when you play this game for hours.

Unlimited Free Potions
You will need these Final Fantasy VIII cheats if you want to survive long enough in this game.

Go to the bridge in Timber Town where you saw the guards while having Rinoa or Quistis in the party. You should keep returning until a man shows up. You need talk to him for 2 times to get a potion. After that, leave the screen and return until he shows up again and repeat.

Get Ability Points Easily
Use the following Final Fantasy VIII cheats to get Ability Points in easy way.

All you have to do is go to Cactaur Island, the small island covered by a desert. Beat the Cactaur there and you will get 20 AP for each Cactaur defeated in battle.

Infinite Gil
You’ll need 100,000 Gil and the Recovery-Med RF ability to make the following Final Fantasy VIII cheats work.

Buy 100 tents then RF it into 25 Mega Potions and sell them. You’ll get an extra 25,000 Gil. Repeat the process as many times as you want. You can enhance these Final Fantasy VIII cheats using Tonberry’s Haggle ability.

Easy Escape
You need these Final Fantasy VIII cheats to escape without taking any damage from any escapable battle.

Set ATB to Wait. Access menu window (Draw/Item/GF etc) during battle then hold down L2 & R2 (run command). This will make your enemies can’t attack you and allow you to escape since you’re in the Wait mode.

Final Fantasy VIII Cheats Codes
You have to put these Final Fantasy VIII cheats on your Action Replay to get the cheats work. There are so many of Final Fantasy VIII cheats codes available, here is some of them.

Results Final Fantasy VIII Cheats Codes
Infinite Amount of All Items 5000c6020001
Level 100 Squall 8007780cffff
Level 100 Quistis 800779d4ffff
Level 100 Irvine 8007793cffff
Level 100 Zell 800778a4ffff
Level 100 Rinoa 80077a6cffff
Level 100 Selphie 80077b04ffff
Max HP Bahamut 300777090001
Max HP Diablos 3007752d0001
Max HP Tonberry 300777910001

Hopefully those Final Fantasy VIII cheats are really useful and you can enjoy this phenomenal game.

Happy gaming.

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