Fable 3 Cheats Xbox 360

Use These Fable 3 Cheats Xbox 360 to Become the Powerful Ruler in Albion

Fable 3 Cheats Xbox 360

Fable 3 for Xbox 360 set within five decades after the events in Fable 2. Just like the previous series, in Fable 3 the choices you make will absolutely change the world around you, for your own personal gain or for the greater good. You can be whatever you want: the great King / Queen, a rebel, or take on the extreme evil morph.

For those of you who have trouble playing this game, don’t hesitate to use the Fable 3 cheats Xbox 360 below and hopefully you’ll get so much fun.

Early Silver Chests
The Fable 3 cheats Xbox 360 below require a friend who has any or all Silver Keys and have your friend join your game and open the Silver Chests for you.

Start a new file. Walk to the 50 Silver Key Chest in the Bowerstone Castle backyard (farthest garden on the right side). Open it and you’ll get a LEGENDARY WEAPON with 2 MILLION gold before you enter the tomb.

Those Fable 3 cheats Xbox 360 only work if your friend has the correct number of Silver Keys for the chest you’re trying to open.

Early Road to Ruin Chests
You can do the following Fable 3 cheats Xbox 360 by joining your friend’s game who has completed the game then travel to the Road to Ruin. You can open any chest on that path as long as you get the correct number of Guild Seals.

Easy Gold 1
Use the Fable 3 cheats Xbox 360 below to get extra money over time and lower the Civilian Casualties before the final battle of the game.

When you’re ruling as the king, during the second part of the game, if you want some gold without making evil ruling, you need to buy land from Albion before or during the last mission on the to-do list of everyday.

Easy Gold 2
The Fable 3 cheats Xbox 360 below will give you some gold for every five minutes.

Purchase some shops. Then go to Road To Rule and stay there. Every five minutes you’ll get your shop/rent profits and there’s no risk of attack. You can do this at any point in the game.

Infinite Gold and Items
You can duplicate anything to get infinite gold and other items by following the Fable 3 cheats Xbox 360 below.

First, you need a second controller with second character logged into your game. Gift second character anything you want to duplicate, then leave first player’s sanctuary. Have second character go to his sanctuary and find the gift, then reject it to send it back to first character. Immediately have second character leave his sanctuary and drop him from the game. Once second character has left the game, press Start on controller 2 to rejoin the game. Since the game didn’t save after you rejected the gifts, they should all be back on the gift shelf. Repeat these Fable 3 cheats Xbox 360 as many times as you like.

Note: The Fable 3 cheats Xbox 360 above work for unpatched version. Just make sure don’t go over 999 million or the game will freeze.

Avatar Awards
Follow the Fable 3 cheats Xbox 360 below to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Crown Become the ruler of Albion.
Royal Boots Win Dwellers’s support.
Royal Shirt Win Bowerstone’s support.
Royal Trousers Win Swift Brigade’s support.

There you have it. Hopefully those some Fable 3 cheats Xbox 360 are really useful and can add so much fun when you play this game.

Happy gaming.

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