Download PSP Games

The Best Way to Download PSP Games

By Yenoscyu

Downloadable PSP Games

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a great gadget that you want to play with everyday. You can play a lot of games and watch movies all day long. Unfortunately the PSP games and movies are not cheap. It costs about $35 – $50 each.

But there’s no need to worry. Right now we can download PSP games from the internet instead of having to pay for each new game.

Here’s the tips how to download PSP games :


Download PSP Games for Free

Just browsing in the net and you can find the sites easily. Yes, you can download PSP games for FREE. But don’t get fooled. Although these sites are free to download PSP games, you can only download PSP games at ridiculously slow speed. You might get bored when downloading them. It will take about 20 HOURS to download a single game and that’s not the slowest ! No matter how fast your modem connection is, still you are dependent on the access site modem speed which can be very very slow.

Besides that, the files you download are usually “corrupt”. It means that they don’t work. Well, it’s very annoying that you have to wait all day for a game that in the end can’t be played on your PSP.

The other problems for these free websites are viruses and spyware. It means when you download PSP games you actually downloading viruses and spyware as well that can harm your PC and PSP. Just make sure you are extra cautious.

You can’t ever be sure of what you are downloading because there isn’t anyone monitoring these free websites. Just stay away from these sites, they are more trouble than it’s worth.

Download PSP Games with Charge Fee

Monthly fee

You can download PSP games as many as you want with just $30 – $35 per month. In these websites you can also download movies or music. I guess these websites are suitable for people who are going to be downloading new games each month.

Interesting, right. But, hold your breath. There is even cheaper way to download PSP games. Just keep reading.

Lifetime Membership

There are websites that will only charge a one time membership fee for UNLIMITED download PSP games. The fee is about $35 – $50. You are just billed once and you are then considered a lifetime member. Then, besides download PSP games, you can also download music, movies, wallpapers, game cheats anytime just logging in.

The files always work with fast downloads and viruses free. You can find all the new releases or most popular games because the sites have daily updates.

I believe that this alternative will become the most common way to download PSP games and movies. It’s very easy to start and gives you the perfect way to load your PSP with fresh new materials.

There they are…..

Now you can decide which way will you choose to download PSP games.

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