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Why You Should Buy Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Fast?

By Yenoscyu

Xbox 360 Kinect

Many people want to buy Xbox 360 bundle but do not know which bundle they will buy, because there are a variety of Xbox 360 bundles offered in the market. Each of these bundles has special or unique thing to offer. The bundles for example are Reach Halo Bundle, Kinect Bundle, or Holiday Bundle.

Based on existing data, it is estimated that the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle will be very popular and selling well. There are two packages available when you buy Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle, one with 250 GB Hard Drive and the other has 4 GB Hard Drive. Why is this bundle so great? Why you should buy Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle? Here is the review.

Here’s what you can get if you buy Xbox 360 Kinect Bundel:

Xbox 360 S Console: You will have a new model Xbox 360 that is slimmer and uses less power when you buy Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle. The console runs whisper quiet, no more fan or drive noise. So you will not be disturbed when playing games or watching movies. You can play with friends all over the world and experience a world of entertainment since it easily connect to Xbox LIVE. The 4 GB bundle is in matte black finish and has sleek design as the larger drive Xbox 360. While 250 GB has a bold design and the glossy black finish.

Xbox 360 Hard Drive : You will get bigger hard drive if you buy Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle. The bigger hard drive means the more space you have to save your games, store movies, television shows, pictures, music, trailers, demos, levels, and other content available from Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller : If you buy Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle you will get this award-winning high performance wireless black controller with 30 hours battery life and 30 feet range.

Built In Wifi : You don’t have to add Wifi device anymore to the back of Xbox 360 like in the previous model. It’s built in the system if you buy Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle.

More Ports : If you buy Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle, you will have a total of five ports. It means you have more places to connect more accessories and storage solutions. There is also integrated optical audio out port to max out the sound.

Kinect Sensor : Kinect sold either separately or in a bundle. This powerful device has very impressive sales. The sales even exceed iPad’s sales. Kinect claimed to have sold approximately 2.5 million units within 25 days since its first sales took place in early November. While iPad itself only sold approximately 2 million units in two months from its release date.

With Kinect, you do not need to use a controller in playing games. Instead you are the controller. No other additional equipment. Kinect uses sophisticated technology that can recognize your movement and mirror that movement in the game. You just move your body, arms and legs, and the movement will be instantly replicated on the screen. Through Kinect you can also control the HD Movie only with the wave of a hand. You will get Kinect sensor in cheaper price if you buy Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle.

Kinect Port : Unlike in the older Xbox 360 version, if you buy Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle, your system will have Kinect port. It means you don’t have to plug your sensor into a wall outlet and USB port.

Kinect Adventures Game : This is a special game you’ll have if you buy Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle. With this game you will have the experience diving into the deep to explore a leaky underwater observatory, floating in outer space, or tackling mountaintop obstacle courses. You can dodge, kick, or jump your way through marvelous adventures set in exotic locations. You just need move your body, arms, and legs in your living room to have all the experiences.

This awesome bundle is available in limited time. So, better hurry in you want to buy Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle.

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