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The Reasons Why You Should Buy PlayStation Move

By Yenoscyu

PlayStation Move

Currently, playing video games is definitely more exciting and fun. Thanks to rapid technology development, today you can be more interactive playing your favorite games. Playing games is no longer merely rely on the speed of your fingers pressing the buttons, but now all of your body movement and even your voice can be used to play video games. Motion gaming has become a trend today and it is very enjoyable.

Sony as one of the giants in the gaming world certainly knows the desire of gamers to be able to have the experience of playing loose and interactive. So, PlayStation Move was launched on September 15, 2010 in Europe, followed later in various parts of the world. This Sony’s motion device is competing fiercely with the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect. In this article, I will describe why you should buy PlayStation Move not other motion gaming device.

Here are some reasons why you should buy PlayStation Move:

1. It’s a Sony

The first reason why you need to buy PlayStation Move is very simple, which is It’s a Sony’s product. Sony is a very well known brand in the world. Its products have been recognized for its quality. In the field of gaming, Sony has proved its capability. Two early versions of the PlayStation (PS1 and PS2) occupy the second and first place in the category of best selling video game console with sales reaching at least 102 million and 150 million, respectively. Meanwhile, the PS3 is the most advanced video game console among its competitors in the seventh generation and is competing fiercely with the Xbox 360.

In handheld consoles, other Sony’s product, PlayStation Portable (PSP) also shows its great capability giving great entertainment to its fans. In the near future, there will be launched an upgrade version of PSP which is reported will have some features that are more powerful than the original version.

So if you want to buy a motion gaming device, we encourage you to buy PlayStation Move made by Sony who is very experienced in the gaming world and will always provide the best quality products. The brand won’t lie, my friends.

2. You Can Still Play Hardcore Games
If you buy PlayStation Move, you still can play hardcore games.

Compared to its competitors, the PlayStation Move will give you the gaming experience to the whole type of games. If other brands are focusing on family games, the PlayStation Move can be applied to all games genre ranging from family games to hardcore games. If you buy PlayStation Move, other than playing simple family games, you still can play great games such as SOCOM 4, Resident Evil 5, or Killzone 3.

3. Got Big Supports
Until now, there are at least 36 game developers, including Sony, which is committed to support the PlayStation Move. So, if you buy PlayStation Move then you are promised to be able to play so many interesting games from various genres.

Here are some game developers who are ready to supply their best games you can play if you buy PlayStation Move.

Activision Capcom Disney
EA Game Republic Hudson Soft
Koei Konami Namco Bandai
Sega Square Enix Tecmo
THQ Ubisoft Warner Bros.

4. More Accurate
Compared to its rivals, Sony’s advanced technology is capable of making the PlayStation Move as motion gaming controller which has better response and accuracy than two other products. So, your game won’t be interrupted and will run smoothly and more enjoyable. In addition, the controller is very comfort, easy to operate, and has familiar buttons. At least for these reasons, you should buy PlayStation Move other than the other products.

5. Up to Four Players at Once
Playing with the PlayStation Move is amazing and addictive. It’ll be more fun if you can share this joy by playing together or multiplayer. If you buy PlayStation Move then you can play along with three others at once. It’s something that you might not get with other products.

6. Huge Library of Great Games
If you buy PlayStation Move it seems you won’t be difficult to play good games of various genres. With the support at least by 36 game developers, which mostly represent big names in the gaming industry, the PlayStation Move will be flooded with great games. These games can be games that are compatible with PlayStation Move or are devoted to this motion device only. The games on the PlayStation Move vary widely and can be played by kids to adults. They can get the same pleasure.

Some games you can play if you buy PlayStation Move include Dance Dance Revolution, Dragon Age 2, EyePet, Heavy Rain, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, Michael Jackson: The Experience, PlayStation Move Heroes, Dance SingStar, SOCOM 4 and Uncharted 3.

Those are some reasons why you should buy PlayStation Move. If you have an opinion related to this article, please comment in the space provided.

Happy gaming.

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