Video Game Ideas

Video Game Ideas – How to Get and Sell

By Yenoscyu

Great Video Game Ideas

Video Game Ideas are very important in the process of creating games. Video game ideas can be considered as the starting point of the creative process of developing a game. Without video game ideas, there won’t be video games we can play.

Some say that the video game ideas contribute only 1% of the overall process of developing a game. However, without video game ideas the other 99% would not have been able to work. Therefore, searching video game ideas take a very important role.

How to Get Video Game Ideas

You can get video game ideas anywhere, anytime, and even from those that are not related to the game. Some of the renowned creators or game designers managed to get video game ideas from the unexpected things. For example, Shigeru Miyamoto, he got video game ideas to create Legend of Zelda from his childhood experiences exploring different areas around his house and daring himself to enter the cave there. Hideo Kojima, a key figure behind Metal Gear Solid series, got video game ideas for creating stealth game after playing Space Invader. Exotic locations within the Uncharted game made after co-lead designer Richard Lemarchand inspired by various Victorian paintings such as Caspar David Friedrich and David Roberts.

Yup, video game ideas can come up from anything. Here are some ways to get video game ideas you can try.

1. Play as many games as you can

Here, the goal is not to play games for fun, but for looking the details of the various types of games. You can combine the positive aspect from several games to bring up great video game ideas to create something new, unique, and able to cover all the negative sides of those games.

2. Expand your references through books, television, movies and other entertainment media

A variety of entertainment media and books can be an excellent resource for growing lots of cool video game ideas. The key is you need to have good instincts and able to imagine that the various sources you get are good enough to develop a game. Just be creative.

3. Build the habit of discussing anything

This activity will hone your skill to analyze things and train you to be more focused and detailed. Make it a fun atmosphere so that the people actively participated in the discussion. Wild video game ideas could occur during active discussion.

4. Open your eyes and heart

You can find that in this world so many things could be the source of video game ideas. You will see so many of these video game ideas if you are welcome to incoming information. Don’t fight it and always thing that all those incoming information are valuable sources. Sharpen your curiosity.

5. Write it down

Unless you have an incredible memory, then you should take note any video game ideas that come up in your head. You wouldn’t know from which source a fantastic video game ideas will emerge. Therefore, don’t forget to write it down.

How to Sell Video Game Ideas

Selling the video game ideas is not easy. In this world, you’re not the only one who has great video game ideas. In fact, millions of people have it. Although your video game ideas stand out among others, it’s still not enough to make your video game ideas are made into a game.

You can’t just knock on the door of the game company to offer your video game ideas. In fact, those who are in the game business have abundant video game ideas. Just because they don’t have more time and money, they can’t make all of those ideas made into games. To produce a game it takes a year or more with the cost of millions of dollars. The making of commercial-quality game also requires an army of skilled people in the business to work almost nonstop. So you can understand why not all of the video game ideas can’t be made into video games.

Besides video game ideas, the decision of what game to make is also determined by other factors. For example, by the market demand/trend, by a movie tie-in, by the need to make a sequel and because there is special request/choice from the powerful producer.

However, opportunities still there. If you want your video game ideas made into a game then you should make those ideas into a game design which describes the detail how the game would play like the gameplay, user interface, tone, the characters movement, and how the characters in the game interact. If you can give well-presented game design then there is a possibility that the game company gives you a job.

Another way you can try so your video game ideas can be accepted is by building your reputation and career step by step. You can start by taking a game related degree and have the knowledge about the process of making a game. Try entering the gaming industry as a career. If your work is impressive, it is slowly but surely will build your reputation and respect. Therefore, your video game ideas are more likely to be heard and made into game.

Other thing you can do for your video game ideas made into a game is to focus on casual games, which is becoming a trend nowadays. Casual game is kind of short and simple game usually created in Adobe Flash / Flex, Android, or iOS. You can play casual games at various sites like Shockwave, Big Fish, or via mobile phone. Casual game is relatively easy to make. You can do it yourself or work with your friends. You don’t need millions of dollars to make casual games and you don’t need a publisher. Just do it.

Well, it’s not easy to make your video game ideas into a game. You can do several ways above so that your video game ideas accepted and in the end you’ll receive great income from the tough but lucrative gaming industry.

Happy gaming.

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Black Ops Cheats PC

Top Collection of Call of Duty Black Ops Cheats PC

Call of Duty Black Ops Cheats PC

Black Ops cheats PC is there for those of you who want different way aka fun way to beat this one of MOST POPULAR title from the series. If you get stuck or have problems when battling through series of classified missions, covert warfare, and massive conflicts across the world, just use the Black Ops cheats PC below.

Kill Zombies Without A Sweat (Escalation DLC)

This Black Ops cheats PC will help you to kill zombies or run away from them so much easier.

To get the Black Ops cheats PC works, you need to keep a group of zombies into the water long enough that will cause them to freeze for a period of time allowing you to run away or slay them easily.

Climbing Ladder – Ready to Fire

You can use the following Black Ops cheats PC if you want to save your time and get your gun ready to fire fast after climbing a ladder.

All you have to do is to press MELEE BUTTON then climbing a ladder. You should time it correctly.

Break Free From Torture Chair

If you want to escape from torture chair on single player, just use the Black Ops cheats PC below.

All you have to do is to press SPACE BAR repeatedly and you’ll break free from that torture chair.

Finding Mighty Thunder Gun

Follow the Black Ops cheats PC below if you want to get the superior THUNDER GUN that’ll make your mission so much easier.

Just go to the back of the room then enter the office after the Nova 6 Gas is released at the beginning of Mission 7: Numbers. Find and pick the tape recorder by holding [Action]. The screen will shake if done correctly. Continue playing until you must jump off the roof into the building and onto the mattress. Inside, Clarke will move a fridge leading to the weapon stash.

To get the Black Ops cheats PC works you must WATCH Clarke move the fridge. Go to the left when you get inside the stash. You’ll see another tape recorder. Hold [Action] to pick it up. If done correctly, the screen will shake, and the mighty THUNDER GUN equipped with 12 SHOTS will appear from the wall!

If you get this GUN by using the Black Ops cheats PC above, the rest of the level should be VERY EASY.

Cheat Codes from Black Ops Cheats PC

You must create a backup copy of the file because this Black Ops cheats PC involves editing a game file. Edit the “config.cfg” file in the “players” directory in the game folder using a text editor. After you change the value of seta monkeytoy “1” line to seta monkeytoy “0” just save the file. Next, change its attributes to read only.

Press ~ to display the console window while playing the game or at the main menu, then type one of the Black Ops cheats PC below and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Black Ops Cheats PC Results
/god God mode
/demigod Juggernaut
/give all Extra weapons
/player_sustainammo 1 Infinite ammunition
/give ammo Extra ammunition
/noclip No clipping mode
/ufo Flight mode
/g_speed [number] Set player speed
cg_drawfps 1 Show framerate
/devmap zombie_theater Start “Kino Der Toten” Zombies map
/devmap zombie_pentagon Start “Pentagon” Zombies map
/give [item name] Spawn indicated item


Note: Some Black Ops cheats PC above are available in the pre-patched version of the game only.

Cheat Mode from Black Ops Cheats PC

After breaking free from interrogation chair by pressing [Aim Down Sight] + [Fire Weapon] + [Jump] repeatedly to escape from the chair (unlocks the “Just Ask Me Nicely” secret achievement), walk around behind you to find the computer. When you access it, type the following Black Ops cheats PC to get hidden features and early unlockables in the game.

Black Ops Cheats PC Results
DOA Activate Dead Ops Arcade
3ARC UNLOCK Unlock Dead Ops Arcade, Five Zombies Mode map, and Zork game
ZORK Unlock Zork: The GREAT Underground Empire text-based adventure game.
3ARC INTEL Unlock all Intel for viewing
HELP Display all commands
ALICIA Unlock the Alicia virtual therapist game


Intel Location Guide

You can watch the video containing the Black Ops cheats PC below to find all 42 intels in the game. Enjoy.

There they are. Hopefully those Black Ops cheats PC work perfectly and you find it useful in your adventure. Just choose your Black Ops cheats PC wisely and get lots of fun.

Happy gaming.

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